These are the terror attacks that actually took place in Sweden

  1. There was no terror related event in Sweden last Friday.

But last month there was in fact a terror attack in Gothenburg, Sweden.

We recently wrote about Donald Trumps remarks during a speech in Orlando, Florida, where he seemed to state that there had been a terror attack in Sweden last Friday. This was not true. 

Subsequently, Trump tweeted that he was actually referring to a Fox News segment about the situation in Sweden. This segment was in large based on an interview with two Swedish policemen. The policemen have since come out and stated that their answers have been used out of context by Fox News and filmmaker Ami Horowitz, to draw false conclusions. ”[The] filmmaker is a madman” they stated.

We could also show with solid data that the Fox News segment was an erroneous account of the situation in Sweden. Sweden is actually doing quite well, and Sweden’s generous immigration policies are fueling the economic boom that’s taken place in the country over the last five years.

Sweden’s real terror threat

But it is important to note that Sweden does have a domestic terror threat. This threat is posed by neo-Nazi organisations, primarily the The Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR). They are considered one of the biggest domestic threats to national security by the Swedish Security Service.

Swedish neo-Nazis at gathering

Photo: Nazi gathering at medborgarplatsen, licensed according to CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 © Anna_t 

NMR openly promotes racist and anti-semitic ideology and has vocally opposed non-white immigration to Sweden. The organisations representatives are regularly convicted for hate speech, often thanks to the work of the Swedish legal watchdog Juridikfronten (The Legal Front).

NMR’s objective is to overthrow the democratic society with violence. The organisation was formed in 1997 by former members of the White Aryan Resistance and Folktribunen, a neo-Nazi magazine.

  • In January 2017, three NMR-associated neo-Nazis were arrested after an asylum centre in Gothenburg was targeted with a homemade bomb attack on the 5th of January, leaving one person seriously injured.

In the footsteps of Behring Breivik

These are terrorist working for the same objective as the Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring-Breivik, who on the 22nd of July 2011 detonated a car bomb at the executive government quarter of Norway and went on to open fire at a summer camp organised by the Workers’ Youth League, the youth organisation of the Norwegian social democratic party. The attack claimed 77 lives, leaving 110 injured, 55 of them severely. This was the deadliest terror attack in Scandinavia since World War II.

We hope that the US President will stop endorsing the erroneous narratives about Sweden, that are the basis of this kind of terrorism.

The featured photo of this post is Streets of Gothenburg by © Maria Eklind licensed according to CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 

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